Monday, August 17, 2015

Greg Shooner Covers Early American Life Magazine to Explain Redware

American Craftsmen Show artist Greg Shooner was featured for the cover story for the April 2015 issue of Early American Life Magazine. Both Greg and Mary Spellmire-Shooner were listed by Early American Life Magazine in 2014 for their American Redware.   In “Slab-Formed Redware” Greg stated in this article “Many 19th-Century potters supplemented the work turned on their wheels with earthenware made by molds.  We have all seen redware dishes and their familiar “wavy line” decoration. Learning how these were – and are still – being made will help you understand both antique and modern molded redware pottery.  Greg explains both the history, techniques and process used to create redware, as well as the use of slip to decorate redware and the techniques to create sgraffito.

Greg added for this post that ‘it is always an honor to help the good folks at EAL with their mission of education and understanding of all things "Early American".  I have received this magazine for nearly 30 years and have NEVER failed to discover new and interesting information between it's covers.  Their undying support of traditional craftsmen has never been compromised and leaves us all in their debt.  There simply is no other publication available today that provides us with everything that they do.”

The April 2015 issue of Early American Life Magazine can be ordered at

The American Craftsmen Show would like to thank Early American Life Magazine for its information about its April 15, 2015 issue.  

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