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Monday, August 31, 2015

Don’t Forget to Visit the American Craftsmen Show In Ridgefield Facebook Page

On Facebook? Don’t Forget to Visit the American Craftsmen Show In Ridgefield Facebook Page.  As you receive up-to-date information about the American Craftsmen Show and its artists on the American Craftsmen Show blog, please remember to also visit the American Craftsmen Show in Ridgefield Facebook page.
The American Craftsmen Show Facebook page features photos and information uploaded by the

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trivia Question: What Do 12 American Craftsmen Show Artists Have in Common?

Early American Life Magazine's Directory of Traditional American Crafts is the showcase of artisans working in traditional techniques, materials, and style who have been selected as the best in America by a jury of museum curators, scholars, and other experts. The Directory of Traditional American Crafts is an honor bestowed on a handful of artisans who work in traditional media, styles, and crafts. In addition the Directory is also a buying guide. It presents a selection of the best historically informed handwork in America today. The Directory helps collectors select the best furniture, pottery, ironwork, decorative objects, and more for period-correct decorating, collecting, or movie-making.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ridgefield: A Center for the Arts in Connecticut

Drawing of Lounsbury House
The American Craftsmen Show is right at home in Ridgefield, one of Connecticut’s centers for culture and the arts. If you are making a weekend trip to Ridgefield for the American Craftsmen Show, you may want to visit the following arts and cultural venues:

Keeler Tavern Museum

If are coming to the American Craftsmen Show because you love traditional American arts, you may want to drop by the Keeler Tavern Museum which is furnished with period pieces reflecting its residents’ lifestyles from the early 18th to early 20th

Monday, August 24, 2015

American Craftsmen Show is Social Media Savvy!

The American Craftsmen Show is happy to announce its new social media campaign to get out the word about the 2015 show.  There will now be many ways for folk art lovers of the finest handmade arts and crafts to find out more about the American Craftsmen Show and connect and develop relationships with its artists.

The blog has all of the latest information about the American Craftsmen Show and allows you to meet the artists through regular posts.

The American Craftsmen Show in Ridgefield Facebook Fan Page allows you to post messages about the Show, see Show updates and posts made by the artists. Please remember to “Like” the American Craftsmen Show in Ridgefield Facebook Fan page, as well as invite your followers to “like” it so that you and your followers can receive an invitation to attend the American Craftsmen Show.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sandy Malamed Featured at the American Folk Art Museum to Celebrate its New Infinite Variety Catalog

Sandy Malamed Red and White Quilts for Infinite Variety
American Craftsmen Show artist Sandy Malamed applique quilts will be featured in the American Folk Art Museum’s store to help celebrate the release of its catalog Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. The book offers an opulent presentation of more than 650 red and white quilts with inspiring craftsmanship and composition, a history of red and white quilts, rare perspectives on the exhibition, and a pattern index. In 2011, the American Folk Art Museum dramatically

Monday, August 17, 2015

Greg Shooner Covers Early American Life Magazine to Explain Redware

American Craftsmen Show artist Greg Shooner was featured for the cover story for the April 2015 issue of Early American Life Magazine. Both Greg and Mary Spellmire-Shooner were listed by Early American Life Magazine in 2014 for their American Redware.   In “Slab-Formed Redware” Greg stated in this article “Many 19th-Century potters supplemented the work turned on their wheels with earthenware made by molds.  We have all seen redware dishes and their familiar “wavy line” decoration. Learning how these were – and are still – being made will help you understand both antique and modern molded redware pottery.  Greg explains both the history, techniques and process used to create redware, as well as the use of slip to decorate redware and the techniques to create sgraffito.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Traditional Painter Dan Coble in the News!

The following press release appeared in KPC Media Group Inc. publications on August 11, 2015 regarding noted traditional painter and American Craftsmen Show artist Dan Coble.

Steuben artisan listed in nationwide directory

ANGOLA — Local artisan Dan Coble won the highest award in this year’s Directory of Traditional American Crafts, and the work is showcased in the August issue of

Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet the Historic Lounsbury House

The American Craftsmen Show is returning to the stunning Lounsbury House in historic Ridgefield, CT for a second year. When I attended last year’s show I could not help but notice how the house’s beauty was such a complimentary setting for the beautiful artwork on display instead of the institutional settings of many other art shows.

There may be a few things about the history of Lounsbury House that might surprise you. Built in 1896 by Phineas C. Lounsbury, a former governor of Connecticut, The Lounsbury House

6 Interesting Things About Historic Ridgefield You Might Not Know

Image of Historic Lounsbury House, Ridgefield, CT
While visiting this year’s American Craftsmen Show you may want to explore historic Ridgefield. While you are visiting the finest art show for traditional and handmade arts and crafts, you will also be visiting part of American history. Here are 6 interesting things about Ridgefield’s history you may not be aware of:

Ridgefield was first settled by English colonists from Norwalk and Milford in 1708, when a group of settlers purchased land from Chief Catoonah (also known as Chief Katonah) of the Ramapo tribe.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Who Is Your Favorite 2015 American Craftsmen Show Artisan?

2014 American Craftsmen Show Artisan Group Photo
I wish I could tell you mine, but there are too many wonderful artists to choose from.  If you love fine traditional and handmade arts and crafts, it will be tough to decide who you will want to talk to first. The American Craftsmen Show is the perfect place to meet and develop relationships with the finest traditional and handmade artists and craftsmen today.

The 2015 American Craftsmen Show is pleased to announce that the following fine artisans will be returning to this year’s show: Carole Bognar

American Craftsmen Show Returns to Lounsbury House on November 7th and 8th

The American Craftsmen Show has announced its return to the Lounsbury House in historic Ridgefield, Conncticut for its second year of presenting the very best of traditional handmade American Arts and Crafts.
Many of last year’s artists will be returning for the 2015 show. This includes Greg Schooner- recently profiled on the cover of Early American Life Magazine, Dan and Marlene Coble - noted for their painted furniture and Sandy Malamed whose applique quilts were recently on display at the American Folks Art Museum’s Fab Folk