The American Craftsmen Show

Monday, September 14, 2015

Meet Intuitive Visual Artist/Sculptor Deborah Rogers

American Craftsmen Show Intuitive Visual Artist/Sculptor Deborah Rogers
Each piece of Deborah Roger's work begins as a drawing/blueprint as her unfired clay warps and shrinks.  Altered and fabricated objects are made in advance, incorporating them as the clay is hand built.   Washes of acrylic, layers of colored pencil, dyes, ink, drawings and commentary are added to the surface. The narrative story, as important as the 3-D piece, marry to convey a message as a whole. Surfaces are preserved with paste wax.  Deborah considers herself an Intuitive Visual Artist/Sculptor.  In her words, "the eyes will see strange things that the mind will alter.

Deborah Rogers is a member of the Early American Folk Arts & Trades Facebook group.

Portrait Photo of American Craftsmen Artists Deborah and Donnie Rogers

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