Monday, October 26, 2015

Meet Shaker Box Maker Rob LeHay

Rob LeHay creates boxes and carriers in the Shaker tradition using lumber milled on site.  His materials are either produced on his property or come from small, American businesses.  The boxes and carriers are finished using all natural products including milk paint, dyes, oils and waxes. The boxes are fastened with copper tacks which have been produced on original tack-making machines from the 1880s.   The tacks are then darkened to provide an aged finish.  Every part of the box is completed individually by his own hands.

This is Rob LeHay’s first year participating in the American
Craftsmen Show.  He is from Embden, Maine and is included in Early American Life Magazine’s Traditional American Crafts Directory Listing of artists.  Rob LeHay is also a member of the Early American Folk Arts & Trades Facebook group.