Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Meet American Redware Artists Greg and Mary Spellmore-Shooner

For over 3 decades, the redware pottery of Greg Shooner and his wife Mary Shooner, has found a place in private collections and museum shops all across America and abroad. Featured in magazines and newspapers, this ware remains unrivaled in its interpretations of rare antiques.  Using exact early techniques, the Shooner's slipware decorations include the full range of sgraffito, "fancy" slip, and quilling on drape-molded plates and platters, as well as a full range of unique wheel-thrown jars, crocks, jugs, and lamps. 

Greg and Mary Shooner and from Oregonia, Ohio and are included in Early American Life Magazine’s Traditional American Crafts Directory Listing of artists.

Greg Shooner was featured on the April 15, 2015 cover of Early American Life Magazine. In addition to operating a pottery with Mary Spellmore-Shooner, Greg Shooner is a collector, researcher, and consultant to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art in curating their redware collections.  He is member of the Early American Folk Arts & Trades Facebook group.

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